Ramagundam Mission

St.Paul’s English Medium High School- Ramagundam

St. Paul’s English Medium High School started with a great vision in 1990, our missionary management created an educational environment which inspired focused and committed effort, encouraged innovation and enterprise, and where “EXCELLENCE” was the watch word. “Real education fetches you more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way.” Learning joyfully and meaningfully without burden, is an urgent need to save the present and future children from the distressing situation of the content oriented curriculum of a school, and move towards a student oriented curriculum. A skill is an ability to perform an appropriate behavior in an appropriate task/situation, consistently and with precision, as per one’s own developmental maturity. When a task is performed repeatedly, it turns into a habit. To turn this habit into a skill, a student requires time, perseverance and space, in addition to the physiological maturity. Hence, we are trying to supplement an appropriate environment, because we believe “A healthy Mind resides in a healthy Body”.

This school was established in the year 1990 under the aegis of Madras Medical Mission, a society constituted under the Madras Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The School is now governed by the following executives.
1. President / Manager : H. G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan
2. Director / Treasurer : Rev. Fr. Shijo .S
3. Hon. Correspondent : Mr. Alexander D Mathew
4. Executive Committee Members: Rev. Fr. Koshy Thomas, Mr. Mathew Varghese, Mr. T S G Varghese, Mr. Giji Thomas and Mr. Varghese John. The St. Paul’s High School, Ramagundam is currently functioning on the leased land of M/s. Singareni Collieries Company Ltd., Godavarikhani, Ramagundam.

The School had a strength of 490 students last academic year. Under the able and efficient leadership of Mrs. K. Vani, our acting H.M and Mrs. K. O. Aniamma, the academic cocoordinator, the school had tremendous changes in the field of discipline, awareness about the moral and ethical values, maintaining a healthy environment etc. Their hard work for the betterment of the school is praise worthy. We congratulate Mrs. K Vani and Mrs. K. O. Aniamma and all the teachers for the same.
We truly appreciate the tremendous co-operation of everyone associated with this institution, who have strived their level best to mould our students to work hard, to make their dreams and aspirations come true. Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have an enthusiastic team of teachers which include the teacher/sir for physical education and supporting staff, clerical staff, security personnel, bus driver etc.Last academic year, the school secured 96 % results in the 10 standard examinations. We congratulate all the students and teachers for bringing laurels to the school. Our 5 students secured 81-90%, 23 students got 71-80 %, 17 students scored 61-70%, 2 secured 51-60 % and one got 41-50%. We congratulate all the teaching staff for their efforts, big or small for making this
We are maintaining an atmosphere for our students to enrich their minds in the moral fields such as truthfulness, kindness, generosity, justice, love etc. These qualities were displayed while helping the blind Orchestra team at Vizag in A.P. with an amount of Rs. 54000/- (Rupees Fifty four  thousand only) that was collected from our school. Also, when our 10 class student Kumari. Sahithi had undergone a kidney operation, we all, together with the management contributed Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) to the family of the student for her treatment. I express my hearty gratitude towards the parents, staff and our honourable executive members who extended their help for the same.

The true measure of a school’s co-scholastic program is its participation and merit-oriented performance in interschool activities. Last academic year our students participated in many such events covering a wide range of talent areas and won prizes. Apart from formal education, proper physical training is also given to our students. During the academic year, our students won many prizes and medals in various sports and games such as Kabadi, Cricket, Skating, Karate, Swimming, Throw ball, Disc Throw and 100m Run.

  • Our students participated in various tournaments such as National level, State
    level, Division level, Zonal level, District level and Mandal level competitions.
  • Our students won 3 gold medals, 16 first prizes, 18 second prizes and many more
    participation certificates.
  • Our student Kumar. Harsha Vardhan of class 4 and Kumar, Omkar of class 9
    have been honoured with Gold medals in National Level Karate Competitions.
  • Our student Kumari. R. Haviala of class 9 has been honoured with Gold medal in
    Mandal level Disc Throw competitions.
  • In Mandal level Cricket tournament under 17 years category, our school Boys won
    the cricket Tournament. They have been honoured with Medals and the first prize
  • In Mandal level Kabaddi tournament under 14 years category, our school boys won
    the tournament and secured the first prize.
  • In Division level 100 meters Running competition, our student Kumari. Ch.
    Sushma of Class 8th secured 2nd prize
  • In Mandal level Kabadi tournament under 17 years category, our students secured
    2nd prize.
  • In State level swimming competition, our students K. Akhil of class 6th  and
    Krupakar of class 9th , won 1st  and 3rd prizes respectively.

We congratulate the Physical Education teacher and the students for their concerted efforts towards winning many outstanding medals and trophies for St. Paul’s. Our honourable committee member Sri. Giji Thomas has sponsored an ‘inverter’ battery and trolley, priced at about Rs. 20,000/- to our school. Our current 10 class students have gifted a water cooler to the school which costs about Rs. 8600/-. We are very grateful to Mr.Giji Thomas and our 10 class students for the same. One senior staff Mr. Joseph Maleth and another senior teacher Mrs. V.G. Kumari have completed their service in St. Paul’s E/M High School in this academic year under report. We are grateful to them for their good service for the institution and wish them a happy retired life.

We are really grateful to our President, H. G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim who is always concerned about the progress and growth of the school. The greatest advantage with Thirumeni is His Grace’s patience to hear any problems regarding the school and His timely advice to resolve the same. Thirumeni extends hand loans whenever we are in short of funds, with no further thoughts or questions. We cannot forget the support and help extended by Sri. Somavara Sathyanarayana Garu, honourable MLA of Ramagundam constituency, and his son Sri. Arun Kumar garu, whenever we faced certain difficult situations. We are also grateful to Rev. Fr. Koshy Thomas, Rev. Fr. Shijo S, Sri. A N Kuriakose, Mr. T S G Varghese and Mr. Mathew Varghese for their contribution towards the growth of St. Paul’s. Even though Koshy Achen was transferred to Bangalore, we wanted his presence in the committee as he is a senior priest and respect his guidance. Special mention must be made about Mr. Mathew Varghese’s help in arranging our accommodation during our visits to school. We are also grateful to Mr. Giji Thomas who is always a real and sincere supporter of St. Paul’s. We gracefully remember the support of Mr. A N Kuriakose who is one of the founding leaders of St. Paul’s. His presence in Ramagundam was a strength to our school and he has resigned from his service on account of his relocation. In his place, we welcome Mr. Varghese John, a retired GM of SBI. His knowledge in the Telugu language shall be an added advantage for the governing body. The services rendered by our committee members Mr. A N Kuriakose and Mr T S G Varghese to the school is a great relief to the management during the relocation of other members. Their proximity to this location is a great advantage for the school. They worked closely with the school and coordinated many activities. Our thanks are also due to the General Manager, Singareni Collieries company (SCCL) Ltd. and our bankers, State Bank of Hyderabad., the teaching and non-teaching staff of St. Paul’s, and the parents of our students, for their support during the year.