• This region comprises of 4 churches in Hyderabad, 1 in Vishakhapatnam and 1 in Vijayawada. Rev. Fr. Mani K. Varghese of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad is the Vice President of this Region and Mrs.
    Saramma John is the Regional Secretary. Besides the Regional Secretary, all 4 churches have Unit Secretaries.
  • They hold regular meetings in every Church and Regional meetings, every quarter, by turn in all 4 churches. On all Wednesdays and Fridays, Fasting and Prayer meetings are held.
  • 10 members from this Region participated in the Akhila Malankara Conference, at the Pambady Dayara, from April 27 to April 29th. They also participated in the Diocesan One-Day Conference held at St. Thomas Church in Bangalore on 9 July
  • One Day Annual Conference was held on 11th March 2017 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Ramachandrapuram, presided by the Diocesan Metropolitan, H.G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim.
  • In the Annual examination, 20 candidates participated.
  • This region also collected money very actively for Charity projects and generously supported our Andhra Mission, Mysore Sneha Bhavan, and Yacharam Balagram. They have also donated generously to the Centre for the Snehasparsam project.
  • The churches in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada are also very active in MMVS projects and initiatives. We proudly report the contribution by MMVS unit of St. Stephen’s Church, Visakhapatnam who contributed generously to furnish the Madbaha of the Elur Chapel, by donating the Thiraseela, Evangelion Tablecloth and Carpet.
  • We are so happy that 5 members took part in the Annual Examination, from our The youngest unit in Vijayawada.

Rev. Fr. Iype P. Alex