One of the vibrant and energetic ministries, the music ministry continues with their mission of singing praises to our Lord. This ministry actively takes part in all the Youth programs and makes all the events lively. We thank Ms. Roana Mariam Philip for the coordinator of the music ministry this year and all others for taking their time and effort to practice and making all events a note to remember.

  • Committed to facilitating worship, fellowship, and outreach through music, the Music Ministry – Bangalore Diocese, has been actively engaged in its mission in the years. The Music Ministry has heartily engaged in all of the Diocesan MGOCSM-Youth events of the year, namely:
  • Fresher’s Day, 26th June, held at the Bishop’s House
  • Jeunesse 2016, 31st July, held at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Indiranagar
  • ‘Shalom’ – One Day Conference, 21st August, held at Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Hebbal
  • The Lenten Retreat, 26th June 2017, held at St. Baselious Orthodox Church, Marathalli
  • A Gregorian Worship held preluding the Lenten Retreat on the 25th June, at St. Baselious Orthodox Church, Marathalli

Besides these Diocesan MGOCSM events, the Music Ministry also actively participated in the Diocesan Sunday School Students’ Camp – NUHRO 2016, held at the Ecumenical Christian Council, Whitefield & also actively led worship sessions. The Music Ministry also, with keen interest, has participated in matrimonial ceremonies, leading through the fellowship of music.

Miss Roana Mariam Philip