Mysore Mission

Runs a school for the benefit of village children in the village of Bilikere which is approximately 20 km’s from Mysore on the Hunsur road. In the same compound, we operate Sneha Bhavan, an institution for differently abled girls, this is totally free and funded by the Bangalore Diocese. At present, we have 26 inmates which are our maximum capacity. In 2016, we completed building new toilets, added new classrooms, sunk a new borewell and provided educational material and soft toys to the Sneha Bhavan inmates. A lot more needs to be completed to comply with all Government regulations. Contributions come under Sec. 80G of the IT Act.


This School was started in the year 2006 and in the past 10 years have grown in strength and reputation. The year under-report saw the student strength reach close to 450, supported by 17 Teaching and 10 nonteaching staff. It has two School buildings within the same compound of more than 6 acres, one for the Primary School and other for the High School. Primary School has classes from LKG to Class 4, with 10 Class Rooms, seating close to 340 students. LKG, UKG, Class 1 & 2 have two sections each. The second building is the High School, having classes 5 to 9
with 130 students, provided with laboratories for Science, Computer Education, and a Library.The School was converted to English Medium in this year with necessary approvals from the Education Department. Additionally, approval to start Class 10 from the next academic year was obtained from the Education Department.Compliance is a key item, the Units at Bilikere were registered with the EPFO and all employees were then added to the EPF Scheme.
Key focus areas for the coming year continue to be the Improving the Management & Compliances, Expansion of Facilities and enhancing the Strength and Capability of the Teaching Staff to meet future needs.


This unit, a Special Residential School for Differently Abled Girls was originally started in the year 2006, and relocated to a new building and restarted in March 2015 meeting all Legal requirements of the Government.The year under-report saw the number of inmates grow from 19 at the start of the year to 25 by end March 2017. Consequently, the staff strength also had to be increased from 4 at the start of the year to 7 by end of year.

Important Milestones achieved in this year are

  • Obtaining Registration from the Department of Women and Child Development, bearing Certificate No. DD/DDW/36/2015-16/474 dated 17.02.2015, valid till 16.2.1019, under Sections 51 & 52 of Persons with Disabilities Act 1995.
  • Obtaining Registration Certificate No. KA 230040W6Z2 dated 22.03.2015 from the Department of Women and Child Development under provisions of section 34(3) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2000, amended in 2006, as a Child Care Institution. This is a Mandatory Certification.
  • To improve the clarity of our Obligations to the Inmates and their parents, an Agreement was prepared and executed with parents of each of the Inmates. This spells out our Rights & Obligations as well as those of the Parents.
  • Till this year, Snehabhavan was operated on a 24×7 basis causing stress to staff and inability to provide leave for Staff. As advised by some other similar Organizations, One Month Summer closure was decided and initiated, when the Inmates would go to their homes and be looked after by the parents.